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where do these white dads come from

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Well, actually, Max was supposed to die, and I did tell him that in advance and that was a horrible conversation. Then basically what happened was that the footage of Max making croutons with Taylor started to circulate around the network and people were like, “Do we have to kill this guy? Because we love him.” And I was like, “We love him too.” So unfortunately, I had a completely unnecessary conversation with Alex in which I told him that his character was going to die, and it was very painful and very upsetting for both of us. About a month or so later, I got to call him up and tell him that we weren’t going to kill him, but I think by that point he was completely like, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We were all excited because when we were mapping out the season, Max was only supposed to be in the pilot. But Alex was so good, we decided to bring him back and build season one around Carter making all these bad decisions that culminate in her boyfriend shooting her best friend. [We thought it would be] like Game of Thrones where they kill Ned Stark, and we were going to be that fearless! But then Alex comes on set and every single thing he does is so adorable and charming and sweet and heartwarming. It was just this collective, “Why would we kill this guy? That’s idiotic.”
Terry Minsky, Cosmopolitan  (via findingcartergifs)

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